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Pharmacogenomics involves the detection of genetic variations that contribute to the variability in drug effectiveness and toxicity that is observed between given individuals. These genetic differences in the metabolic pathways that affect the individual’s response to various therapeutic drugs make it possible to individualize therapy. Our Clinical Laboratory uses a variety of techniques including Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, and Real-Time PCR to obtain the most reliable result.

Our Pharmacogenomic Capabilities

• Released 15 new biomarkers in 2016 – this doubled our capability and makes our offerings the most robust testing menu in the industry. • New testing and reporting capability include predictive assessments and treatment guidance for PTSD, Mental Health and Addiction.

Next Generation Sequencing

Our team has leading expertise in Next Gen Sequencing on challenging low-input FFPE samples.  Oncomine Focus is a targeted, multi-biomarker assay that enables simultaneous detection of thousands of variants across 52 genes (DNA and RNA) relevant to solid tumor.

Cancer Immunotherapy

In the area of cancer immunotherapy, Molecular is advancing capabilities developed by Fluidigm to interrogate the tumor microenvironment at high resolution, evaluate checkpoint inhibitors and conduct high-parameter immune profiling. Two key Fluidigm platforms in process to be utilized by our team are:

  1. Helios™, a CyTOF® system, for high-parameter analysis of millions of cells using mass cytometry. Transcending the inherent technical limitations of flow cytometry, this approach is gaining rapid adoption in the areas of immune profiling and high-resolution characterization of the tumor microenvironment
  2. Biomark™ HD system, for analysis of immune expression signatures with high sensitivity from FFPE tumor samples