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Clinical Trials

censonRX offers a variety of clinical trial services comprised of protocol design, assay development, project management, trial site training, investigator support, customized reporting, and data management. We undertake studies of varied scale and scope ranging from Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials of high complexity molecular testing. Our clinical trial capabilities extend throughout each of our laboratories and services.


censonRX uses a leading edge environmental testing facility. Using a CLIA certified and CAP accredited medical testing lab, censonRX takes pride in using medical grade technology and specificity to deliver the horticultural and agricultural communities reporting with accuracy that is unparalleled. The company’s extensive resources, expertise and commitment to confidentiality make it a natural for all types of environmental testing…including becoming your one-stop solution for environmental laboratory testing services.

Infectious Disease

With censonRX Infectious Disease, we are proud to offer  a dynamic, state-of-the-art laboratory that takes pride in delivering a large STD testing panel via a wide array of collection methods tested with a multitude of platforms.


censonRX excels at providing state of the art testing, utilizing the most current and highest quality instrumentation for Screening and Confirmation for its clients. We are extremely committed to our clients and we provide the highest quality support, service and professionalism. As a HIPAA compliant laboratory, we are committed to patient confidentiality and are dedicated to being 100% compliant with patient care.

Cytology and Women’s Health Panels

Cytology is the microscopic evaluation of cells that are spontaneously exfoliated or physically removed from human tissues. Cervicovaginal cytology (Pap smear) has a role in the detection of premalignant changes or early cancer of the uterine cervix. censonRX Labs has the capability to process liquid-based Paps via Hologic’s ThinPrep®. Should abnormalities arise, the slide is manually reviewed by a cytopathologist, who focuses his/her interpretive skills on microscopic examination of the cells.


Pharmacogenomics involves the detection of genetic variations that contribute to the variability in drug effectiveness and toxicity that is observed between given individuals. These genetic differences in the metabolic pathways that affect the individual’s response to various therapeutic drugs make it possible to individualize therapy. Our Clinical Laboratory uses a variety of techniques including Sanger Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, and Real-Time PCR to obtain the most reliable result.

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