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Remote Lab Services

censonRX Remote Laboratory Services provide a modern and practical solution for facilities that do not have a 24-hour lab or the resources to hire additional staff.

remote lab services

Our customized services cater to facilities after hours, during peak hours, or even during unforeseen staff circumstances.  Our remote lab service reduces line item costs associated with reviewing, clarifying, and entering lab orders up to 40 percent.  As part of our service, we offer our clients 24/7 backup at significantly less cost than hiring additional staff or increasing lab hours.

Our highly trained lab technicians will provide order verification, order entry, error prevention and clinical responsibilities in a stable work environment, using a secure VPN connection to access your LIS. Our lab technicians are also available by phone to your staff for any questions or concerns. We strive to provide the best level of service and to make all processes seamless.

The benefits of our remote lab service:

  • Cost effective option to 24-hour lab
  • Guaranteed and seamless coverage
  • Decreased cost per order reviewed
  • Resolve issues and answer questions for hospital staff
  • Improved patient care 
  • Fewer lab errors
  • Higher staff satisfaction
  • Compliant with HIPPAA regulations

Is Remote Pharmacy Management a viable solution for us?

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